Skullted Scythe (sword)

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Skullted Scythe (sword)
Skullted Scythe.png
Type: Sword
Manufacturer: Kubara.png
Grade: B.png
Requirement: Level 20
Special: Drain LV3
Special Rate: 3%
Element: Fire.gif
PA%: 100 PP%: 80
Extend Data
EXT ATK: 780 (+350)
EXT ACC: 315 (+140)
EXT∞ ATK: 930 (+150)
EXT∞ ACC: 350 (+35)
Burn.png Freeze.png Stun.png Confuse.png Sleep.png Infection.png Incapacitation.png Drain
3 3 3 3

Skullted Scythe is a 6★ sword.

Skullted Scythe has the ability to hit 5 targets instead of the standard 4 targets with its Button square.png attack.

Item sources[edit | edit source]

DLC[edit | edit source]

You can obtain this weapon by following our Downloadable content installation guide.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This weapon was originally made available in the PlayStation Store for ¥200 to Japanese Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity players only.