Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity - Infinity Battle Guide

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The Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity - Infinity Battle Guide is a guide book produced by V-Jump Books as an introduction to Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity. It features overviews of all the major characters, story and mechanics, and various data tables to describe enemies and creatures.

The Infinity Battle Guide is aimed more at a younger audience than the Famtisu guide books, as the entire book is written in the furigana style of writing, which is used to make it easier to read for younger people still learning the Japanese language.

Below you may find a download link for the Infinite Guide, or you may view it inside this website.

Please note that this guide is presented "as is", so it is not translated and is in full Japanese.

Download[edit | edit source]

All the scans may be downloaded here:

These scans were graciously provided by Eleriaqueen.

Table of contents[edit | edit source]

Please note that only the top 2 levels of sections will be listed here.
Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity's World (P005)
  • World (P006)
  • Races (P008)
  • Main Characters (P010)
System Introduction (P017)
  • Starter Guide (P018)
  • City Guide (P021)
  • Battle Guide (P029)
Mission Guide 1: Episode 1 Story (P033)
  • How to Advance Story Mode (P034)
  • How to Read Guide Pages (P036)
  • Chapter 1 (P038)
  • Chapter 2 (P040)
  • Chapter 3 (P043)
  • Chapter 4 (P046)
  • Chapter 5 (P049)
  • Chapter 6 (P052)
  • Chapter 7 (P055)
  • Chapter 8 (P058)
  • Chapter 9 (P061)
  • Chapter 10 (P063)
Mission Guide 2: Episode 2 Story (P065)
  • How to Read Guide Pages (P066)
  • Chapter 1 (P068)
  • Chapter 2 (P072)
  • Chapter 3 (P079)
  • Chapter 4 (P089)
Mission Guide 3: Other Missions (P097)
  • Let's Try Various Missions! (P098)
  • How to Read Guide Pages (P101)
  • Episode 1 Open Missions (P102)
  • Episode 2 Open Missions (P126)
  • Tactical Missions (P136)
  • Challenge Missions (P140)
Online Play Guide (P171)
  • Take Your Adventure Further with Only Play! (P172)
  • Battle Mission Guide (P179)
Weapon Guide (P183)
  • Weapon and Photon Arts Mechanics (P184)
  • Weapon and Photon Arts Types (P186)
  • Weapon List (P203)
Armor and Item Guide (P253)
  • How to Use Shield-Weaves and Modules (P254)
  • Shield-Weave List (P256)
  • Module List (P264)
  • Item List (P270)
Creature Guide (P273)
  • Creature Data List (P274)
  • What are the new Deuman Race? (P016)
  • Take on the new Infinity Rank! (P159)
  • New Useful Features 1 (P170)
  • New Useful Features 2 (P263)
Special Project
  • How to get powerful Collab Items from VJ・WJ! (P272)

Preview[edit | edit source]

Book information[edit | edit source]

Author: V-Jump Books
Publisher: Shueisha (集英社)
Publication date: 2011-02-24
Language: Japanese
Page count: 290
ISBN-10: 4087795896
ISBN-13: 978-4087795899