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The Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity - Final Guide is a guide book released by Famitsu in May 2011. It is a lengthy guide, clocking in at 1,039 numbered pages, and features in-depth data for almost everything in the game. It covers information from detailed story mission mechanics, drop locations for all items, behavior tables for partner characters, and more.

The Final Guide does not feature an in-depth breakdown of Infinity Missions; this is covered by the Infinite Guide.

Below you may find a download link for the Final Guide, or you may view it inside this website.

Please note that this guide is presented "as is", so it is not translated and is in full Japanese.

Download[edit | edit source]

All the scans may be downloaded here:

The download archive is the recommended way to view this multimedia. The scans are a collated .pdf file with OCR and a table of contents, allowing content search and easier browsing in a PDF viewer of choice.

Table of contents[edit | edit source]

Please note that only the top 2 levels of sections will be listed here.
  • What's New in Infinity (P004)
  • How to use this book (P008)
System (P009)
  • Basic Game Information (P010)
  • City Guide (P014)
  • Types of Items (P021)
  • Weapon Upgrading (P026)
  • Races (P028)
  • Types (P030)
  • Stats Comparison (P036)
  • Rebirth (P038)
  • Support Character (P040)
  • Party Organisation (P041)
  • Basic Mission Information (P042)
  • Gaining Experience Information (P047)
  • Item Drop Information (P048)
  • Multiplayer (P050)
Battle (P053)
  • Battle Action (P054)
  • Photon Arts (P060)
  • Damage and Accuracy (P062)
  • Hit Effects (P064)
  • Status Effects and Buffs/Debuffs (P065)
  • Shortcut Order (P067)
  • Creature (P068)
  • Melee Weapon Action Data (P070)
  • Ranged Weapon Action Data (P098)
  • Technic Weapon Action Data (P110)
  • Blast Attack Data (P116)
Mission (P129)
  • Story Mission (P141)
  • Open Mission (P241)
  • Tactical Mission (P381)
  • Infinity Mission (P517)
  • Battle Mission (P527)
  • Challenge Mission (P541)
  • Urgent Mission (P591)
  • Other Mission (P617)
Data (P637)
  • Weapon (P638)
  • Shield-weaves and Modules (P762)
  • Set List (P774)
  • Item (P778)
  • Costume (P781)
  • Room (P804)
  • Shop (P824)
  • Title (P839)
  • Partner (P847)
  • Creature (P868)
  • Boss Creature (P932)
  • Download Item (P1006)
  • Download Mission (P1020)
  • Index (P1021)
  • Palette Customize Points (P128)
  • Swimsuit Event Check (P240)
  • Unique MySynths (P540)
  • Unique Room Decorations (P823)
  • Creature Part Explanation (P931)

Book information[edit | edit source]

Author: Famitsu
Publisher: Enterbrain
Release Date: 2011-05-30
Release Price: ¥2860
Language: Japanese
Page Count: 1039
ISBN-10: 4047272485
ISBN-13: 978-4047272484