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Welcome to the Open RuneScape Classic Wiki!

Open RuneScape Classic is an open-source, non-profit, free software server project to create a replica of RuneScape Classic accessible to everyone forever, to allow custom server configurations with simple file edits for server hosts, and to keep the memory alive of what is now considered an abandonware game.

Open RuneScape Classic can be hosted privately or publicly (see the GitLab repository), or players can choose to play on one of our publicly hosted servers, listed below.


Public servers[edit | edit source]

The below servers are all hosted by the Open RuneScape Classic team at, and are provided completely free-of-charge. No perks can be obtained through donations or subscription services.

All publicly hosted servers are subject to the server's rules.

Regular servers[edit | edit source]

RSC Preservation
[Epic image of
A replica of RuneScape Classic as it existed when it closed down in 2018, compatible with the RSC+ client.
Currently 98% authentic to RuneScape Classic, with improvements constantly being made for authenticity.
XP rate 1x
Wiki Extra features Global chat, bug fixes for Thordur's black hole and desert heat mechanics
RSC Cabbage
[Epic image of
a cabbage]
An extended version of RuneScape Classic, featuring extra skills, modern mechanics, extra quests, and extra items.
What RuneScape Classic could have been if it was updated similar to Old School RuneScape.
XP rate 1x or 5x (player-choice)
Extra features 30% faster game speed, improved banking system, auction house, clans and parties,
custom items, areas, skills, monsters, and quests, ironman modes, batched skilling activities,
fatigue disabled, ability to disable XP gain, and global chat
[Epic image of
2001 RS logo]
A replica of RuneScape Classic as it existed on May 8 2001, before the removal of retro features such as classes and influence.
95% authentic to RuneScape classic as it existed back then.
XP rate 1x
Wiki Extra features Global chat

Botting servers[edit | edit source]