Phantasy Star Portable 2 - Special Single CD

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Phantasy Star Portable 2 - Single Special CD is a special single disc for Living Universe. It contains a full version of the original song, along with the Entrance Universe remix and an instrumental. It was given as a pre-order bonus for the original Phantasy Star Portable 2 release in Japan. Depending on if the game was ordered from the SEGA Store or, it had different disc art.

The long version and Entrance Universe are present on Wings of Universe, however the Instrumental is unique to this CD.

Download[edit | edit source]

The album may be downloaded here:

Both downloads contain the digital scans of the cover art and disc art.

Track List[edit | edit source]

No. Track Name Contributing Artists Length Play Track
1. メインテーマ「Living Universe」(ロングバージョン) Hideaki Kobayashi, Aimee Blackschleger, Tahirih Walker 03:47
2. Entrance Universe - Living Universe REMIX - Hideaki Kobayashi, Aimee Blackschleger, Tahirih Walker 04:10
3. メインテーマ「Living Universe」(インストゥルメンタル) Hideaki Kobayashi 03:47

Running Time: 11:44

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Album information[edit | edit source]

Catalog Number: N/A
Release Date: 2009-12-03
Publish Format: Commercial, Retailer Bonus
Release Price: Pre-order Bonus
Media Format: CD
Classification: Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Publisher: SEGA

Credits[edit | edit source]

Composer: Hideaki Kobayashi
Arranger: Hideaki Kobayashi
Performer: Aimee Blackschleger, Tahirih Walker
Lyricist: runblebee