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For an example of a completed page, please see Agito Replica.

If you have any questions regarding the below, it is easiest to ask in the #wiki-general channel of the PSP2i Discord, which can be found on the home page.

Notice[edit source]

If you begin a weapons page, but do not fully finish it, place the following at the top of the page:


This will create the following infobox and tag the page as unfinished, along with your reasoning:

Mika Icon.png This page is currently unfinished. You can help by adding the missing information.

Infobox[edit source]

Type: Cool?Guy
Manufacturer: Kubara.png
Grade: C.png
Requirement: Level 201
Special: RDR Reduction LV5
Special Rate: 100%
Element: Ice.gif
PA%: 0 PP%: 200
Extend Data
EXT ATK: 66666 (+60000)
EXT ACC: 1313 (+1300)
EXT∞ ATK: 666666 (+600000)
EXT∞ ACC: 131313 (+130000)
Burn.png Freeze.png Stun.png Confuse.png Sleep.png Infection.png Incapacitation.png Drain

All pages are to start with an infobox detailing all stats of a weapon. This is done using the Infobox Melee template, of which you can find information on how to use by clicking the aforementioned link.

Images[edit source]

Images to go inside the infobox should be 200% resized original images from the game, preferably the Weapon Log if available. These images can be taken inside an emulator, but make sure that the original cropped image is 160x120 with no graphical enhancements, and then resized to 320x240 with bilinear sampling.

The easiest way to do this is to use a program such as, and using its resize function after cropping the log image.

Make sure that the filename is the exact same as the weapon name (including capitalisation), and a .png file (e.g. Cursed Dark Flow.png).

Lead section[edit source]

The lead section should always start with the name of the subject bolded, done by using three apostrophes around a word:

'''Like so'''

...with a brief description of what it is and any other pertinent information about the weapon.

For example:

EvilMag is a 1★ Cool?Guy believed to be the most unluckiest Cool?Guy in the game. EvilMag is notable for its 0% PA modifier, unable to do any damage if used offensively.

Set effect[edit source]

If the item has a set effect, it is to be listed directly after the lead section, and it can be easily listed with the SetEffect table templates, which are used as follows:

{{SetEffectRow|The Other Item|ATK=66|ACC=50|TEC=1}}
{{SetEffectRow|The 2nd Item|DEF=1|MND=50|STA=100}}

To create:

The Other Item +66 +50 +1
The 2nd Item +1 +50 +100

Item sources[edit source]

The main section of the page is the item sources section, which should list all known sources of an item, along with rate data if known.

Item source headers should always be in the following order, being included on the page where applicable:

  • Creature drops
  • Box drops
  • Clear rewards
  • Infinity missions
  • Trade missions
  • Partner characters
  • Client requests
  • Title reward
  • Visiphone password
  • Downloadable content

If there are any sources here which are missing, please let Matt know on the PSP2i Discord.

Rates[edit source]

Rate-wise, they are calculated by using the drop spreadsheet created by Mewn and Agrajag here, and using a rate calculator, such as the one created by Mewn here.

You will need to create a copy of the drop table spreadsheet yourself to be able to filter it.

The drop system is explained by Mewn here, but each section below will explain exactly how to calculate the rates and what to put in them. It may be confusing, so don't be afraid to ask for help as to what to do for this part.

Creature drops[edit source]

Creature drops refer to a drop from a regular creature or boss box found outside of Infinity Missions. The syntax for creating a drop table is as show:

{{DropRow|RA, FO, VA|1/1,000}}
{{DropRow|RA, FO, VA|1/20}}

To create:

Creature Name Level Type Rarity
HU 1/100 {{{3}}} 1/{{{4}}}
RA, FO, VA 1/1,000 {{{3}}} 1/{{{4}}}
HU 1/2 {{{3}}} 1/{{{4}}}
RA, FO, VA 1/20 {{{3}}} 1/{{{4}}}
All 1/500 {{{3}}} 1/{{{4}}}

Enemy refers to the name of the enemy, enemyspan refers to how many rows the enemy will occupy, level refers to the level range the drop is possible at, and levelspan refers to how many rows the level will occupy. If span is in effect, the following DropRow template does not need enemy and/or level entered again, as can be seen above. This may take some practice to get used to.

Type drops[edit source]

Type drops (or level drops as named in the drop rate spreadsheet) are calculated by combining the drop rate of the appropriate creature level, and then the tier below it. If a level range has more than one drop, all drops of the appropriate range are rolled, and only the first of the tier below it.

Example for Twin Falclaws from a level 175-199 Go Vahra on HU:

Level 175-199 Go Vahra on HU: 0.250% (this is the original drop)
Level 150-174 Go Vahra on HU: 0.200% (this is the drop of the tier below)

In the base rate % column on Mewn's spreadsheet, put 0.250 in the A row, and 0.200 in the B row, then check A+B in the combined rate table on the right, and you will see that it reads 1/223. This is the combined base rate for this drop. To get some more information, let's also do RA's drop rate and also level 150-174 to create a table.

Level 175-199 Go Vahra on RA: 0.126%
Level 150-174 Go Vahra on RA: 0.126%

Combined drop rate following the instructions above: 1/398
Level 150-174 Go Vahra on HU: 0.200%
Level 125-149 Go Vahra on HU: 0.180%

Combined drop rate following the instructions above: 1/264
Level 150-174 Go Vahra on RA: 0.126%
Level 125-149 Go Vahra on RA: 0.126%

Combined drop rate following the instructions above: 1/398

So, we have calculated the following rates for Twin Falclaws from Go Vahra:

HU 150-174: 1/264
HU 175-199: 1/223
RA 150-174: 1/398
RA 175-199: 1/398

To make this into a table, it would work like so:

{{DropRow|enemy=Go Vahra|enemyspan=4|level=150-174|levelspan=2|HU|1/264}}

To create:

Creature Name Level Type Rarity
HU 1/264 {{{3}}} 1/{{{4}}}
RA 1/398 {{{3}}} 1/{{{4}}}
HU 1/223 {{{3}}} 1/{{{4}}}
RA 1/398 {{{3}}} 1/{{{4}}}

This isn't a full table, as we never did calculate FO or VA's drop rates, plus there may be many other levels or creatures to also consider.

Shared drops[edit source]

Shared drops (special drops in the spreadsheet) are much easier. They only drop in three ranges: 1-99, 100-199 and 200-250. Furthermore, they are not affected by type, nor do any drop rates affect them, so the information can just be transferred directly.

There is an extra step here to note that drop rate boosts do not work on it, however.

Using Daylight Scar from Jedein as an example:

Level 100-199 Jedein: 0.250% (1/400)
Level 200-250 Jedein: 0.500% (1/200)

To put this into a table, we write the following:


As shared drops are not affected by any drop rate boosts, we append {{NoRDR}} directly after the drop rate, and then write <references/> underneath the table. This will create a clickable note to inform people that rare drop boosts do not affect this drop, like so:

Creature Name Level Type Rarity
All 1/400Not affected by drop rate modifiers {{{3}}} 1/{{{4}}}
All 1/200Not affected by drop rate modifiers {{{3}}} 1/{{{4}}}

Boss drops[edit source]

For boss drops, there's no lower tier calculations, however, each item will come from a box which will have 3 different items.

If the item in question is Drop #2 or 3, you will need to enter the rates of drop 1/2/3 in the spreadsheet, and then look at cumulative rate column for the final rate of the item.

For example if an item drops as Drop #2 at 5%, but there is a 10% drop as Drop #1, you will enter 10 in row A, 5 in row B, and the cumulative drop rate of B is now 4.5%, or 1/23.

Box drops[edit source]

There are currently no templates for items obtained from boxes (object drops from the spreadsheet).

If you run into an item that drops from boxes, please inform Matt so he can create a template for this.

Infinity missions[edit source]

Infinity mission drops are similar to creature drops, however they are not affected by Type. Any drop from an infinity mission creature or boss goes here. The syntax for the tables are as follows:

{{IMDropRow|enemy=Ill Gill|enemyspan=2|200-250|VR Wilds|1/100}}
{{IMDropRow|250-275|VR Wilds|1/200}}

To create:

Creature Name Level Area Rarity
200-250 () VR Wilds 1/100 1/{{{4}}}
250-275 () VR Wilds 1/200 1/{{{4}}}

There are no calculations necessary for IM drops, as there are no tier drops like regular creatures.

However, there are also special drops, which are not affected by rare drop modifiers, which should be appended with {{NoRDR}}. Furthermore, any drop from the "IM Object drops" tab is also not subject to rare drop modifiers, so must also be appended with {{NoRDR}}

Others[edit source]

For any other sources, you may just writet a small snippet explaining where the item comes from, with rates if applicable. An example can be found at Cursed Dark Flow.

Image gallery[edit source]

Coming soon. This will contain images of weapons their different elements and/or looks. However, need to decide on the exact rules for this first.

Trivia[edit source]

Cool trivia facts! Feel free to add them if you know anything cool, such as the information over at Cursed Dark Flow.

Closing[edit source]

After all relevant information, end the page with:

{{Weapon Type}}

Such as: {{Swords}}