Astral Blaze I

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Astral Blaze I
Type: Twin Saber
Requirement: Level 1
Special: Freeze LV1
Special Rate: 7%
Element: Any
PA%: 100 PP%: 110
Extend Data
EXT ATK: 390 (+300)
EXT ACC: 230 (+200)
EXT∞ ATK: 540 (+150)
EXT∞ ACC: 330 (+100)
1 1
Unique photon-processed twin sabers. They have the sharpness to cut through anything.

Astral Blaze I are 1★ twin sabers. Astral Blaze I - III and Skia Blade I - III are the signature weapons of Hyuga Ryght.

Item Sources[edit | edit source]

Partner rewards[edit | edit source]

See: Partner rewards
Partner Rating Req.
Hyuga 100

Visiphone Password[edit | edit source]

You can obtain this weapon by entering the following Visiphone Password into your Visiphone inside your room: 2006 0831