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29 May 2022

  • curprev 16:2116:21, 29 May 2022Matt talk contribs 931 bytes +931 Created page with "<tabber> Vivi Danga= : ''Main article: Vivi Danga'' {{SkillHead}} {{SkillRow|combo=1st|hits=4|locks=5|ATK1=131-140% (1)|ACC1=71-80% (1)|PP1=70|ATK2=141-150% (1)|ACC2=81-90% (1)|PP2=70|ATK3=151-160% (1)|ACC3=91-100% (1)|PP3=70}} {{SkillRow|combo=2nd|hits=3|locks=5|ATK2=181-190% (1)|ACC2=81-90% (1)|PP2=50|ATK3=191-200% (1)|ACC3=91-100% (1)|PP3=40}} |} |-| Vivi Dezza= : ''Main article: Vivi Dezza'' {{SkillHead}} {{SkillRow|combo=1st|hits=4|locks=6|ATK1=201-210% (1)|..."