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Parts {{{parts}}}
Location {{{location}}}
{{{1}}} {{{2}}}

Parameters are:

- image: Name of image, must be a png file. If omitted, it will take whatever is in name.
- name: Name of item
- parts: The parts of the outfit, use the following to add the icons: {{Shirt}}, {{Pants}}, {{Shoes}}, {{Top set}}, {{Bottom set}}, {{Full set}}
- location: Where the item is obtained, is not automatically linked

The first unnamed field should be either "Unlock" or "Price", depending on how the item is obtained. The second unnamed field should be the unlock criteria or the price of the item.


{{Female clothes
|image = HUmar Set.png
|name = HUmar Set
|parts = {{Shirt}} {{Pants}} {{Shoes}}
|location = Costume Shop
|Clear Episode 1<br>hard mode