Jaggo Acte Madog

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Jaggo Acte Madog
Type: Tech-Mag
Requirement: Level 70
Empower Rate: 10%
PA%: 100 PP%: 70
Extend Data
EXT TEC: 340 (+74)
EXT∞ TEC: 350 (+10)
A cute Tech-Mag modeled after a popular stuffed toy. Feels at home in water.

Jaggo Acte Madog is a 10★ Tech-Mag.

It is the August Tech-Mag of the monthly Tech-Mags, having a PP% modifier of 60% when the console's clock is set to August.

Jaggo Acte Madog is a unique item, meaning that it can only be obtained once across a save data's eight characters. Even if lost, this item cannot be obtained again.

Item sources[edit | edit source]

Title reward[edit | edit source]

Title Requirement Attribute
Memento of Summer Decorated room with all Japanese items.[1] 30%
  1. Requires an Okikunoid, Mysterious Grave and a Bamboo Water Pipe in the room.